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Johanna Pettersson sings impressively confidently and with a self-assurance that convinces ”-Timo Kangas, Musikmagasinet Lira

Johanna Pettersson is Sweden's latest shooting jazz star. Born in 2000 makes her a young, energetic and colorful jazz vocalist. Pettersson has a passion for jazz legends with pondus and sincerity, such as Abbey Lincon, Carmen McRae and Sonny Rollins. The vocalist has been described as a diver, “She takes a batch with energy, makes a melodic turn and lands with perfect precision”. With her totally fearless expression, she tackles the jazz tradition in a unique way.  Captivating swing, modern improvisation and heartfelt storytelling are the key words for this promising vocalist.


“Pettersson's starting point in striking octave range sets the bar. Thus impeccable technology nicely interwoven with backing instrumentalists ”…“ Star status is within reach. ” - Mats Hallberg, JAZZ (Orkesterjournalen)

"Johanna Pettersson praised by Ernst Adamsson Borg" - HYMN magazine

"Johanna Pettersson recieves Harold Arnold Scolarship 2021"

On October 15, 2021, Pettersson's debut album "The Show Must Go On" was released under the record label Naxos / Prophone Records. Her strong voice is dressed in modern and explosive arrangements written by the singer herself and by the band's pianist, Filip Ekestubbe. Now new recordings have been made and Pettersson is looking forward to new music releases in 2022.

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